Campus Dorms


All teams will be housed in Bragaw, Lee, and Sullivan Halls. All have 8 person suites with a private bathroom. FREE laundry available for everyone staying in the dorms. There is a microwave & mini fridge in each bedroom for guest use.


There is a C-Store, campus convenient store, located in Bragaw Hall.


Each bed comes with:

- 2 flat sheets

- 1 blanket

- 1 pillow/pillowcase

- 1 towel

- 1 washcloth


Meals included with your Dorm Package:

  • Thursday - Lunch & dinner at Fountain Dining Hall.

  • Friday - Breakfast & lunch at Fountain Dining Hall and Team dinner BBQ at Talley Student Union.

  • Saturday - Breakfast at Fountain Dining Hall, picnic-style lunch and formal dinner at Talley Student Union.

  • Sunday - Breakfast at Fountain Dining Hall.

Bragaw Hall


Bragaw is a suite-style residence hall just steps from Fountain Dining Hall. It also has a C-Store, convenient store, where residents can grab snack.

Lee Hall


Lee Hall’s amenities include a large exterior deck overlooking a baseball field, and the Long Walk Café cooking and lounging area.

Sullivan Hall


Sullivan Hall is a suite-style hall near Fountain Dining Hall and Bragaw C-Store. There is a community kitchen, computer lab and laundry room.