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How Does it Work?

We want to celebrate wonder in the great state of North Carolina. Kicking off this summer 2019 and leading up to the 2020 National Tournament, we will showcase a different partner with a unique STEM challenge every month. Celebrate Wonder by participating in a fun and engaging social media challenge. At the beginning of every month, a new challenge will be released. Participants will tag their challenge entries with the hashtag #WonderChallenge and post on social media for judging and selection. Partners will select winners among the participants and provide an exciting prize!


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Each monthly challenge opens on the first of the month through the 25th of the month. Prize winners are announced the last week of the month on social media. Participate in as many monthly challenges as you like and as many times as you like!


Nano is Everywhere Wonder Challenge

Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN)


“Nano” refers to one billionth (or 10-9). Materials exhibit unique features at this length scale. Because of this, the field of nanotechnology is emerging and impacting our daily lives.

The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN), a collaborative program of North Carolina A&T State University and UNC Greensboro, is taking over the November Wonder Challenge to celebrate the Science Olympiad National Tournament coming to NC State in May 2020. 

Take the “Nano is Everywhere” Wonder Challenge by identifying materials that consist of nanoparticles in your midst. Examples include, titanium dioxide that is found in sunscreen and paint. Some naturally occurring nanoparticles include viruses and milk. Find creative ways to identify materials that are on the nanoscale and describe them in a quick video, or share a selfie with your “nano” discovery. 


How To Enter:

⭐From now until November 25, find something in your midst that consists of nanoparticles.

⭐Snap a photo or quick video of your “nano discovery” and upload to social media.

⭐Tag #WonderChallenge or #NanoIsEverywhere and @JSNN2907.


Top five entries will win the “Nano Wonder Prizepack.”